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Sigourney Weaver Says Her Defenders Character Isn't a Villain

But why be a hero in times like these?

Amanda Bell

Judging by the first teaser trailer for Marvel's The Defenders, Sigourney Weaver's role as Alexandra in the first season of the new Netflix-MCU adventure will be full of antagonism and greed, but the actress doesn't want to be known as just the biggest bad of the series.

In fact, she doesn't want you to call Alexandra a villain at all.

Speaking to TV Guide at San Diego Comic-Con, Weaver revealed that she fancies her onscreen alter-ego as an opportunist who's simply capitalizing on the crumbling world that surrounds her, while others -- Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Iron Fist (Finn Jones), Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter), in particular --expend all their energy and talents on trying to save it

"I object to the word villain because that doesn't really take into account the complexity of her attitude," Weaver said. "She would love to be friends with these four characters. She appreciates their talents. Unfortunately, they insist on ganging up against her, and it just makes it difficult to be their friends."

"I think she certainly sees who they are and what they're trying to do," she added. "I think she just thinks it's a bit impractical to try and save the world when the world is clearly going to hell in a wheelbarrow. Someone ought to be making money from that, and why not me?"

Somehow, with so many do-gooders hot on her trail, we have a feeling her apocalyptic cash run might not go quite as well as she hopes. But we'll have to wait and see ...

Marvel's The Defenders premieres August 18 on Netflix.