After Annie (Aidy Bryant) quit her job and committed to Ryan (Luka Jones) last season, the Shrill Season 2 trailer makes it clear that some of the radical changes she made aren't quite leading to the life she had imagined.

From having to write about a nude bicyclist to an awkward first meeting between Ryan and her parents, Annie will struggle this season to learn how to reconcile what she wants out of her life and career and what she still needs to do to achieve these dreams — and it doesn't look like these realizations will always come easy to her. At one point in the trailer, Fran (Lolly Adefope) is shown calling Annie out about going "off the rails," to which Annie responds, "I'm not off the rails. I am the rails."

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Fran has her own self-discovery journey to go on this season, too. The Season 2 trailer gives glimpses of Fran's complicated relationship with her family as she goes on her own quest to figure out what she wants her life and relationships to look like.

All eight episodes of Shrill Season 2 will premiere on Friday, Jan. 24 on Hulu.

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