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10 Netflix Shows To Watch With Your Dad This Father's Day

Plan out your holiday!

Kaitlin Thomas

Hey, did you know Father's Day is this weekend? It's okay that you forgot (again) this year; we won't tell dear old dad. But instead of frantically searching Amazon for a last minute gift -- your dad does not need that chainsaw, we promise-- why not spend the day the way it was meant to be celebrated? With the shades drawn and the two of you binging Netflix.

We've curated a perfect list of potential shows for your viewing pleasure, so you don't have to do a thing. Just figure out which one fits your old man and then show up with a six-pack and a smile.

You can thank us later.

The League Matthias Clamer / FX

1. If your dad is a sports aficionado, you should watch: The League

You don't have to like fantasy football to love this FXX comedy that follows six friends in Chicago and the ridiculous exploits of their dramatic fantasy league, but it's true that an appreciation for the sport certainly helps. Over the course of seven seasons, The League was a stadium-sized well of insane, sports-obsessed, insult-fueled male camaraderie, which makes it the perfect series to watch with a dad who can appreciate the show's annual draft, the trash-talking, and who likely spent more time watching the big game than playing it.

Chef's Table Netflix

2. If your dad is a master chef, you should watch: Chef's Table

Fathers who feel at home in the kitchen or behind the grill will appreciate Netflix's docu-series, which profiles different world-renowned chefs. Each episode explores someone new and delves into his or her cooking style, techniques and personal lives as a means of highlighting how dishes go from the chef's mind to table. Skip the popcorn with this one and fix up some of your own culinary creations to eat while watching.

The Returned SundanceTV

3. If your dad loves moody foreign films, you should watch: The Returned

The French import Les Revenants, which explores the mysterious reappearance of the deceased in a small, secluded mountain town, is must-see TV, and if your pops doesn't mind subtitles, you should pour some wine and kick back for an afternoon of supernatural chills. From the moody ambience that envelopes the town to the haunting score by Mogwai, the magic of The Returned is in the unknown, and luckily for viewers, the show isn't in a hurry to answer any of your questions.

Bob's Burgers Fox

4. If your dad delights in puns, you should watch: Bob's Burgers

Dads who appreciate puns and bad dad jokes will find a lot to love about Fox's animated comedy, which follows the adventures of the Belchers and their struggling hamburger restaurant located next to a funeral home. From the pun-filled Burgers of the Day and Bob's love for Thanksgiving to the show's quirky sense of humor and penchant for bad dad jokes, Bob's Burgers is a classic family comedy that both you and your pops will enjoy while stuffing your faces with homemade burgers.

Peaky Blinders Netflix

5. If your dad is a history buff, you should watch: Peaky Blinders

An epic gangster drama set in 1920s Birmingham, Peaky Blinders is fictional -- and makes good use of an updated soundtrack -- but the period setting lends itself perfectly to the story of one family's attempts to rise to power in post-WWI England. Led by a commanding and powerful performance from Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, the series is engrossing from start to finish and will whet the appetite of even the most staunch history lovers.

Marvel's Daredevil Netflix

6. If your dad is a comic book fan, you should watch: Marvel's Daredevil

Comics and their related properties are no longer just for nerds, and their mainstream appeal has thankfully given birth to several quality superhero series that will tickle the fancy of men who grew up reading about vigilantes and super-powered heroes. Leading the way at Netflix is Marvel's Daredevil, a dark and bloody drama that is slick and polished in a way that belies the gritty realism of its central Hell's Kitchen setting and the urban crime element at its core. If your dad has already fallen for the series' excellent fight sequences and pledged himself to the Punisher, Marvel's Jessica Jones is another quality option.

Parenthood NBC

7. If your dad is not afraid to let down his guard, you should watch: Parenthood

Yes, we're talking about that Parenthood. Over the course of its run, the NBC series became known for its tear-inducing, interconnected storylines that criss-crossed the extended Braverman family, and if both you and your pops are man enough to admit you have real feelings, you should break out the tissues and settle in for hours upon hours of quality, emotionally-driven family drama. If you want, you can lie and pretend you watched sports instead. No one will ever know.

Better Call Saul AMC

8. If your dad still misses Breaking Bad, you should watch: Better Call Saul

We understand why you may have been hesitant to embrace this spin-off of the Emmy-winning drama -- very few shows even come close to comparing to the saga of Walter White -- but we're happy to report that the son is equally impressive as the father. In Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill hasn't yet become the sleazy Saul Goodman who would inject humor into Breaking Bad, but everything else you loved about the tense drama is here, from Bob Odenkirk and the complex writing to incredible character arcs and wonderful direction.

Archer FX

9. If your dad is a man's man, you should watch: Archer

Does your dad live permanently in the Danger Zone? Does he enjoy booze and women, and maybe have mommy issues? Then he'll love the FX animated comedy Archer. Set within the world of international espionage, Archer is one of the funniest (but sometimes most vulgar) comedies on TV. But hey, maybe the two of you will finally figure out how and why you keep getting ants.

The Ranch Netflix

10. If your dad isn't Sam Elliott, you should watch: The Ranch

Netflix's first multi-camera comedy stars Sam Elliott as the father of Ashton Kutcher's Colt, a failed semi-pro football player who returns to the family homestead. Sure, it's not likely going to win any awards, but it does have dramatic undertones that help to smooth out some of the more negative stereotypes we've come to associate with multi-cams, like the laugh track. Look, if you don't get to physically spend Father's Day with Sam Elliott (and his enviable mustache), the second best thing is hanging with your own dad while the two of you marvel over him on TV.