Shonda Rhimes Shonda Rhimes

Grey's Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes has adopted another baby, has confirmed.

Rhimes, who also executive-produces Private Practice and new series Scandal, adopted daughter Emerson Pearl in February.

Anatomy of Shonda Rhimes, the busiest woman in Hollywood

"I've been writing adoption storylines on my shows and only a few people close to me knew about my plans," Rhimes told US Weekly, who first reported the news. "I think the response was 'oh my goodness' from a lot of people."

In 2002, Rhimes adopted her first daughter, Harper, before she had even created her flagship series Grey's. "Ten years ago in June, when I was in my house with a small, small baby, that's when I started really watching television, that's when I first started to think, "God, all the good stuff is happening in TV," Rhimes recently told