The Real Housewives of New Jersey The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Counting down the 25 most shocking reality TV moments makes you realize how ingrained the genre is in our lives, Chris Harrison says.

As host of TV Guide Network's 25 Most Shocking Reality TV Moments, Harrison recalled some of the infamous moments he had watched — and those of which he lived himself.

"The cool thing about this show is you'll realize how old you are and how long reality TV has been around. Nick and Jessica — we all got sucked into that show and think about how much times have changed for them. They were kids back then," he says, referring to the No. 2 moment in which Jessica wonders whether tuna is really chicken on Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica.

Sneak preview: 25 most shocking reality moments of all time

The one-hour special features moments from the early days of The Real World and Survivor, and also includes hits today like Jersey Shore and The Hills. (Yes, Snooki getting punched made the cut.)

One moment Harrison says is up for debate is Jon and Kate Gosselin's breakup on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

"It would've been shocking if they stayed together," he says. "I'm guessing ... [we] had to include them almost like an homage to all the craziness surrounding them. Obviously that was a foregone conclusion."

Whether American Idol is your cup of tea or you'd rather watch a table being flipped on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Harrison says there's something in the special for everyone.

"We really span the entire existence," he says, "so if you were a fan of any of these shows at any time from Chicken of the Sea to fist-pumping, you are going to love this show."

25 Most Shocking Reality TV Moments airs Sunday at 8/7c on TV Guide Network.