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Forgive Us Father, for We Are Thirsting Over Shirtless Jude Law in These New Pope Pics

Well, we're certainly feeling #blessed

Rachel Paige

HBO's The Young Pope featured Jude Law playing a kind of pope we had never seen before. He smoked a lot! He had an astonishing amount of sex for a pope, which is a major no-no in the Catholic Church! He was an American, and he spawned a whole bunch of memes! Clearly, HBO was listening to us, and our cries for more of this unconventional pope, and they were also maybe reading our tweets. When we next see Law's Pope Pius XIII (aka Lenny) in The New Pope, he's been dialed up to 11.

Are you emotionally and mentally prepared to see Law as Lenny strut down the beach in what we can only assume is a Vatican-approved tiny white bathing suit? Because pictures of that are here. This is certainly a new kind of #blessed.

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On Tuesday, pictures of Law filming in Venice, Italy, hit Twitter. He's once again reprising his character of Lenny, since The New Pope is a continuation of The Young Pope, just with a different title and a handful of different cast members. Also, we've now got way more revealing clothing, especially when it comes to swimwear. Did you ever think you'd watch an HBO series about a pope who wanders around the beach wearing something akin to white speedo? Welcome to 2019!

The response to these pictures of Law was across the board, "oh my god." Thirsty Twitter got into the car and drove straight to church.

There is zero way any of us can even begin to decipher what is going on in these images. Law was spotted emerging out of the ocean like Aquaman rising out of the sea, and later taking a stroll with returning co-star Ludivine Sagnier (who was seen wearing a giant cross paired with her bikini, as you do). There was also some sort of beach party-like scene, with actors tossing around beach balls as Law walked underneath. Additionally, there was a giant nude scene that took place in the water, suggesting maybe some giant group baptism? Or maybe it was just for fun, because The New Pope is wild and crazy like that? Who knows!

Absent from the beach was John Malkovich, who joins Law in Season 2 as another pontiff. It's probably safe to assume that Malkovich made the right call in sitting out this beach adventure, but maybe he'll swing by on a jet ski or some other watercraft later. Once again, who knows!

There's no set airdate for The New Pope, and after seeing these pictures, we want to watch it yesterday.