In the past two years, moviegoers have seen Scottish actress Shirley Henderson play Moaning Myrtle — the restroom-haunting ghost in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets — and Jude, one of Bridget's girlfriends in Bridget Jones's Diary. Now, she portrays a depressed Irish gal who's let herself go — to the extent of sporting noticeable facial hair — in Colin Farrell's new film, Intermission (in limited release). Did she mind frumping herself up for this role?

"I thought I looked alright," the 37-year-old says, mock-defensively. "To me, there was an attractiveness to [the mustache]. It didn't offend me in any way."

Well, we still think her character could've stood a good waxing. But movin' on... How did the Intermission cast like working with Mr. Farrell? "Colin was great," Henderson says enthusiastically. "He was just chatty and took us all for drinks and we all got drunk together. It was lovely.

"He's a nice guy and very bright and knows exactly what he's doing," she adds, "and he's having the kind of career that people would love. I think it is great if somebody discovers [success] like that."

Such high praise! Sounds like somebody's got a soft spot for her costar. Any chance the famous young carouser tried to work his skirt-chasing charms on her? "He's never been like that to me," she blushes demurely. "I've never seen him as anything but a decent guy."