Shii Ann Huang lived up to her "Shii Devil" rep on last Thursday's Survivor: All-Stars when she tore into her knucklehead tribemates for annihilating what was left of the Mogo Mogos instead of targeting the game's biggest threats (i.e.

Amber, Rob, Rupert... ). In the end, the 30-year-old Big Appler still got her torch snuffed, but at least she went down fighting. Here, Shii Ann dishes about her climactic Tribal Council tirade, her real feelings about Boston Rob and why swimming challenges are the death of her.

TV Guide Online: I loved your speech during tribal council.
Shii Ann Huang:
Thanks! I am really happy with the way it turned out. It was everything that I felt that I'd been holding in for a couple of days. It was really exciting to just let loose.

TVGO: Do you think it will help?
Shii Ann:
I don't know that it was meant to be helpful. I just kind of wanted people to stop being so content with coming in third, fourth or fifth.

TVGO: It seems like the remaining contestants are just giving the million dollars to Boston Rob or Amber.
Shii Ann:
Basically. It is pretty funny because towards the end everyone was just trying to win immunity. It wasn't strategic anymore. It was just, 'Let's win immunity to see how far we can get.' Not everyone, but most people. I've got to give Rob some props for being a strategic thinker at least.

TVGO: You also attempted to strategize, even if they didn't listen.
Shii Ann:
I was definitely trying with the strategy. I was not going to go down without a fight. I was trying to win with logic, which unfortunately didn't work.

TVGO: Do you regret not voting Amber out when you had the chance?
Shii Ann:
At the time, [keeping her] seemed like the right thing to do. But hindsight is always 20/20 and it would have been better if we had kept Jerri, knowing that there was a merge.

TVGO: What was the most difficult challenge for you?
Shii Ann:
The swimming challenges. I live in New York City and I don't like to swim. I don't really have access to swimming pools.

TVGO: Was your mom surprised that she had to eat bugs and other disgusting things?
Shii Ann:
My mom was such a trouper for eating all of the bugs. I'm really proud of her for even attempting to do that.

TVGO: Your tribemates all seemed annoyed that you celebrated your immunity, but Big Tom did a whole song and dance when he won and nobody said a word.
Shii Ann:
I feel like it was just sour grapes. I definitely had to cheer myself on and I don't regret for one minute that I gloated when I won.

TVGO: Can we expect another big speech during the finale?
Shii Ann:
I think I've said my peace.

TVGO: While watching the show, were you surprised by some of the comments your teammates made about you?
Shii Ann:
Not really.

TVGO: They said some vicious things.
Shii Ann:
Yeah, but you know what? I said some vicious things about other people, too. I can't speak for other people, but emotions are high out there and you say a lot of things in those private confessionals because you spend so much time just holding it all in. I don't really hold it against people. I'm not shocked at all.

TVGO: During one of the recent reward challenges, your teammates said that you and Alicia were the two people least deserving of being called All-Stars? Did that upset you?
Shii Ann:
Not at all. I thought it was hilarious. I expected everyone to vote for me because I was the odd man out. What was shocking was that they all voted for Alicia. That is just hilarious. That is just really sad when your own tribe says that about you. On a side note, I actually voted for Jenna L., but if I had switched my vote to Alicia, the honor would have been all hers.

TVGO: You seem to embrace the Shii-Devil nickname. Where did it originally come from?
Shii Ann:
That name was given to me by a friend a long time ago. I don't know that I would say I embrace it, but it's funny. It cracks me up.

TVGO: What is next for you?
Shii Ann:
I'm working on a book based on my experiences for young professional women. It is actually going to be a lifestyle guide. I'm looking to get back into media, which is where I started off my career.

TVGO: Would you ever do another Survivor?
Shii Ann:
If Survivor ever came to New York City, I'd be right there — surviving the subways.