The Shield
"No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar," Abraham Lincoln once said. I'm not one to quibble with honest Abe, but if anyone did, how would you know? And Abe never met Vic Mackey, though Vic's certainly not alone in trying to lie the best he can on this show. Let's see now: Dutch and Billings are playing Tina, but she's playing Dutch; Kavanaugh's playing Aceveda, who's playing him right back, as well as playing Corinne. Plus Vic's playing Becca, Kavanaugh, Dutch, Claudette, Smitty the bail bondsman.... The list goes on and on.

Thing about all that playing, though: It's bound to catch up with you sooner or later, and often in unexpected ways. Does Dutch really think his chicanery with Billings over the undie-cam pics of Tina in the locker room will win him her heart (or anything else)? I've said it before: Oh, Dutch. If he were the kind of guy to have male friends, they'd set him straight on this girl. And while Aceveda's trying to deal with Kavanaugh and Vic so nobody finds out about his deal with Antwon, you know that's going nowhere good. And then there's Vic, who's bound to get caught by Becca at some point. Weird thing about all this, from where I sit, is that the guy in the best position is the guy already in jail: Antwon. And that's really not who you want holding the best cards. Michael Peck

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