The Shield I'm not even going to bother talking about most of this episode's first half except for Kavanaugh kicking it off by offering double cop-killer Antwon a deal in exchange for everything he knows about Vic and the boys. (What do you want from me? Watching a tough show makes me feel like a tough man who deals out tough love. As my mother would say, make it your business to see this episode in repeat. Here's a handy link to show you when that's happening. And you're welcome; it's what we do here.) But do yourself a favor and stop reading right now if you don't want it ruined for you.

Hell of an ending, huh? Kavanaugh's been begging his ex, a victim of a sexual assault, to come home to him, but he's forced to realize she faked her ordeal after Dutch pieces together what really happened (and gets tossed around a bathroom for his trouble thanks). She breaks down in a wrenching scene, all of it witnessed by Vic and Lem via the interrogation-room camera. (Not sure why Kavanaugh took her in there, but I'll let that slide.) "At least we know his weak spot," Vic says, and Lem looks at him like he finally knows him for the first time. Kavanaugh realizes Vic watched this whole thing unfold, and immediately sets about evening out the game by ordering Lem's arrest. It's one hell of a scene, too, as he forces the other cops to do his bidding, and Julian finally steps forward to cuff Lem. He denies Lem who, I'll remind you, put his life on the line to save Kavanaugh's hide just minutes earlier any kind of special consideration, and finishes off the episode by paying Antwon another visit and letting him know he has his deal: Serve up some useful info, and the Strike Team does their time in the prison Antwon controls. I told you guys "uh-oh" till I nearly fainted, but did you listen? Nooooo. Well, as Don McLean would say, perhaps you'll listen now. Michael Peck

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