The Shield
Aw, man. Talk about your evening of bummer and disappointment. We all knew no plan to smuggle Lem off to paradise in Mexico was really going to work. Too many lies along the way, too many secrets to keep, too many people who'd be better off with him dead. But damn, he was one of the only people to actually like on this show. And it was because

Kenneth Johnson played him perfectly the big lug with the heart and the loyalty that got him killed by someone who was supposed to be his friend. I don't know why I was surprised to see that Shane was the one who did it. I figured Vic, Shane, Gardocki or the three together would end up making sure nobody got to Lem the only real way they could be sure. But still, the sound of his voice when he realized something was wrong as Shane was hurrying away from his car...

All through this show I've figured none of these guys would act on anything but self-interest when it came time to choose. But I wouldn't have minded being pleasantly surprised, though I suppose it wouldn't have been true to character. Never mind the B-story of Dutch letting his creepy side win out as he started telling Tina she'd have to make his help worth his while. (He could still pull back and pretend he meant her making him proud or something, but I don't think so.) Anyway, I'll say it again because it's all this episode leaves you with (and I don't mean that as a criticism): Aw, man. Michael Peck