After falling sleep while attempting to watch all his own movies, manning a call center and roaming around with a paper bag on his head, Shia LaBeouf is literally taking his performance art career to the next level — by spending 24 hours inside an elevator.

The actor, who has been collaborating with artists including Luke Turner and Nastja Sade Ronkko, is inviting people to come into an elevator in EC Oxford and chat with him in a project called #ELEVATE. The event is being streamed live on YouTube.

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"Visitors are invited to address the artists and the Internet, so that their collective voices may form an extended, expansive and egalitarian Oxford Union address," reads LaBeouf's media release.

The event began at 9 a.m. GMT Feb. 19 and will go until 9 a.m. Feb. 20, with a break for LaBeouf to give a talk at Oxford Union, at 8 p.m. Perhaps someone will ask if he'll go back to being an actor, or what floor is home goods and appliances.

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