Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf

New year, same Shia.

A few weeks after Shia LaBeouf apologized for plagiarizing his 2012 short film from Daniel Clowes' comic Justin M. Damiano, the actor hired a plane on New Year's Day to write "I Am Sorry Daniel Clowes" in the sky over Los Angeles.

Surprisingly enough, this apology wasn't plagiarized, but Clowes' editor still wasn't impressed. "I imagine airplane messaging is the norm in Hollywood, but someone really should have informed Mr. LaBeouf that Mr. Clowes lives in the Bay Area before he went to all that trouble," Eric Reynolds told BuzzFeed.

Celebs who've survived scandal

Since LaBeouf's plagiarism first broke, the actor has tweeted plagiarized apologies for weeks, stealing words from everywhere from Yahoo! Answers to Tiger Woods.

On New Year's Eve, LaBeouf tweeted that his 2014 resolution is to "work on being a less controversial tweeter," before lifting a quote from a Red State article. "You have my apologies for offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of accurately realizing I was mocking you," LaBeouf wrote

Is LaBeouf simply another Joaquin Phoenix or James Franco trolling us in the name of performance art? That remains to be seen.