Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf

Ever dreamed of seeing Shia LaBeouf as every Doctor from Doctor Who? Of course you haven't — but now you can!

An artist has released a series of paintings that feature the actor re-imagined as all 13 Doctors from the long-running British series, and they're bizarre yet perfect. Brandon Bird, who is selling the prints for a fair chunk of change in his MyShopify store, not only nails the former Disney star-turned-Internet sensation, but he also has some pretty stellar descriptions as well.

"Behind-the-scenes turmoil would cut short the tenure of the Sixth Shia LaBeouf, but the character would be redeemed years later through a series of radio dramas," reads one. Naturally, a lot of the prints and paintings are sold out.

LaBeouf has yet to comment on the masterpieces, but there is this video of him freestyling over the weekend, which you can enjoy in the meantime.