Jonny Lee Miller, Janet Montgomery Jonny Lee Miller, Janet Montgomery

Janet Montgomery for Irene Adler!

That was our first reaction upon hearing of Made in Jersey's quick demise. But Irene Adler isn't the only Sherlock Holmes character we'd love to see pop up on CBS' Elementary, in which Jonny Lee Miller stars as the titular sleuth, now a recovering addict and consultant for the NYPD whose Watson (Lucy Liu) is Sherlock's "sober companion."

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The producers have already noted that famed Holmes villain Professor Moriarty will eventually be introduced and that Irene Adler is also on their list. But who should play these characters? And which other of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creations should appear? Here are our top five choices: 

1.Irene Adler: One of the most revered female characters in the source material, Irene is also the only woman ever known to have beaten Holmes. In some iterations, she's been a love interest to the titular detective, which would make her introduction on the CBS series all that much more fun considering how uncomfortable Holmes is around women.

Who should play her: Janet Montgomery. After pulling Made in Jersey, CBS has a ready-made Adler in this British actress — and this time, she can keep her accent!

2. Professor Moriarty: The criminal mastermind is Holmes' greatest foe — their battle even led to the detective's apparent death. Similar to the source material, Moriarty's introduction on the CBS series will be a slow burn as Holmes will first face his agents before getting to his actual nemesis.

Who should play him: Jared Harris. Sure, he already played this exact character in A Game of Shadows, but his portrayal was spot-on and never over the top. Harris certainly knows how to play the villain (see: Fringe), but he also has great emotional depth as an actor (see: Mad Men).

3. Mycroft Holmes: We know Sherlock's father will eventually appear, but Holmes' brother would make a fine addition. Mycroft's skills for deduction exceed those of his younger brother, though he lacks the potential to follow through. Maybe a romance with Joan would ruffle some feathers?
Who should play him: John Barrowman. He certainly has the likeness of being Miller's older brother, and who wouldn't want to see Capt. Jack back on TV — after his stint on Arrow, of course.

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4. Sebastian Moran: As a Holmes nemesis, Moran is second only to Moriarty — and considering its Moriarty himself who enlists the colonel as an assassin, he's quite the dangerous man. On the CBS series, he could play a cat-and-mouse game with Holmes as one of Moriarty's minions before the mastermind comes out of the shadows.
Who should play him: Jamie Bamber. The Battlestar Galactica alum hasn't played evil often, but his steely glare would work wonders as the trained marksman who wreaks havoc from afar. 

5. Inspector Lestrade: In the source material, Lestrade is the polar opposite of Inspector Tobias Gregson (played in the CBS series by Aidan Quinn). Where Tobias supports Holmes, Lestrade has contempt for the man, often taking credit for Holmes' work during cases.
Who should play him: Joseph Fiennes. Yes, we know he's on American Horror Story, but based on Ryan Murphy's penchant for killing off main characters, it could still happen!

Which Holmes characters do you want to see on Elementary?

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.