Jaclyn Smith by Trae Patton/Bravo Jaclyn Smith by Trae Patton/Bravo

Bravo's throwdown for hairstylists, Shear Genius (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET), is back for Season 2. So, we made an appointment to chat with host Jaclyn Smith. As always, she was an angel. - Damian Holbrook

TV Guide: How are this season's stylists?
Jaclyn Smith:
[It's] such a variety of characters and eccentricities. They're very aware of what they need to do to grab the audience and judges. And it's a very cohesive, compatible groupthey were all sort of rooting for each other.

TV Guide: I hear Kate Jackson pops up on Shear. True?
It's really fabulous. It's a Charlie's Angels challenge, which was sort of difficult because we were right there. It could have been intimidating for the stylists.

TV Guide: How is Farrah doing?
She's doing great, holding her own. She's a very strong person.

TV Guide: Will we ever see the three of you together again?
I wouldn't say never. We'll probably do [something]. I wasn't really for it, but then we did the Emmys together and it really was fun. It could be interesting if we do it the right way.

TV Guide: Any actresses who give you hair envy?
All the girls on Friends! [Laughs] I watch the reruns and their hair is amazing! They never have a bad hair day.

TV Guide: Any whose hair you fear?
[ Laughs] I'm a Southern girl. We don't talk about that!