Valerie Bertinelli, William Shatner Valerie Bertinelli, William Shatner

Nothing is off limits for William Shatner's Raw Nerve, a new talk show (premieres Tuesday, at 10 pm/ET on Bio) that aims to dig up dirt on celebrity guests and touch upon the skeletons that may be in their closets.

And needless to say, Shatner jumped at the chance to dig into the tumultuous life of America's sweetheart and former Mrs. Eddie Van Halen — Valerie Bertinelli.   

"She was a rock n' roll wife, now she isn't. She was fat, now she isn't. She was an addict, now she isn't. How did she do that? Let's try and find out," Shatner says as he introduces Bertinelli.

Bertinelli, who's best known for her role as Barbara Cooper on One Day at a Time and a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig weight loss program, plows into Shatners questions without flinching, defending her former drug-addict hubby as "a really good man," and confessing she used to eat an entire pizza for comfort. 

The Golden Globe winner also revealed that because of her past "sins" and hurt she caused people, she still has issues forgiving herself. "I used to say I'm a terrible person, I don't deserve to be loved, I don't deserve to have a good life," she said. "But just because I did bad things doesn't mean I'm a bad person, and that's what I'm getting to now."

Tune in to what else Bertinelli — who will star in a new, untitled TBS sitcom, and make a guest appearance on Shatner's Boston Legal —  has to reveal about her divorce, addiction and belief in the afterlife.  

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