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Sharp Objects: 5 Theories on Who the Killer Is

Who do you think did it?

Sadie Gennis

Sharp Objects dropped the mother of all twists last week, but we're about 99.9 percent sure there's still one more mystery to be solved. Although we already know Adora (Patricia Clarkson) killed Marian (Lulu Wilson), we still aren't ready to declare she's the one behind all the deaths in Wind Gap. Fortunately, with the series finale airing on Sunday, we should be getting all the answers about who really killed Natalie Keene and Ann Nash very soon.

In anticipation of the finale, we've broken down five suspects who might be guilty of terrorizing the already disturbing small Missouri town... and they might not be who you think.

1. Adora Crellin (Patricia Clarkson)

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

The most obvious choice, Adora is also the least likely. We already know for sure that she killed Marian, but her Munchausen by proxy disorder bears no resemblance to the gruesome deaths of Natalie and Ann. And would the show really give away the killer in the penultimate episode if it didn't have another twist up its sleeve? No way.

2. Amma Crellin (Eliza Scanlen)

​Eliza Scanlen, Sharp Objects
Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Amma is clearly a disturbed young woman, but can you really blame her for acting out? Her mother has abused her since birth and has already killed Amma's older sister! That's rough. However, while it's clear that Amma responds to Adora's actions by rebelling in somewhat normal ways (drinking, drugs, non-Adora approved outfits), she may be acting out in a far deadlier fashion too. In a series about the cycle of abuse, it would make sense for Amma to have found her own outlet for her destructive anger and violent tendencies, which means she remains a prime suspect in the deaths of Anna and Natalie until proven innocent.

3. Alan Crellin (Henry Czerny)

​Henry Czerny, Sharp Objects

Yikes. Poor Camille. Pretty much her entire family is under suspicion of murder (no wonder she was estranged from them for so long). Despite the finale fast approaching, we still know very little about Alan Crellin, and what we do know doesn't exactly make us feel more comfortable when the Crellin patriarch is around. He avoids facing his wife's abuse of their daughter by escaping into his overpriced stereo system. Alan is obviously repressing and avoiding his feelings about his family, so maybe he finds his catharsis by killing young girls who just so happen to be his daughter's age.

4. John Keene (Taylor John Smith)

​Taylor John Smith, Sharp Objects

Taylor John Smith, Sharp Objects


Is Sharp Objects trying to pull a Scream on us? The killer reveal in the Wes Craven flick was so good because Skeet Ulrich's Billy Loomis started out as the most obvious suspect before transitioning back into the role of a romantic interest right up until the point it was revealed he was the killer all along. It's possible Sharp Objects is following this same formula (although anyone who actually ships Camille and John, ew). Maybe now that the show has lulled us into a sense of security regarding John it's ready to drop another twist and reveal his grief has been an act all along.

5. Chief Vickery (Matt Craven)

​Matt Craven, Sharp Objects
Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Revealing the cop character to be the killer is such a classic "the call is coming from inside the house" moment. In a town dripping with Gothic creepiness and mystery, Vickery is supposed to represent a beacon of safety and security. However, it doesn't really seem as though he's done anything close to a good job investigating Natalie and Ann's deaths, and he seems to want to put as many obstacles as possible between Camille and Richard (Chris Messina) and the case. Plus, when Marian's nurse revealed she faced retaliation for going to the cops about Adora, it also raised the question of whether Vickery was involved or at least had knowledge of Adora's abuse and was protecting her (because of an affair, perhaps?). Could they be in this together? Is he trying to trip up the investigation to save himself? Or is he just a really, really bad cop?

Sharp Object's series finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.