Rock of Love's Charm School Rock of Love's Charm School

Taming the wayward women of VH1's Charm School would be a tough job for anyone - except Sharon Osbourne. She's the one who took over Ozzy Osbourne's career after his firing from the seminal Black Sabbath, saved him from booze and drugs, and led him through more comebacks than you can count.

The Charm School attendees - all of them former competitors for Poison singer Bret Michaels' fickle affections on Rock of Love - gave Osbourne plenty of trouble with boozing, feuds, and screaming matches as they competed for $100,000 and the title of Charm School Queen. 

The unflappable Mrs. Osbourne called us (exactly on time, of course) to talk about why Charm School was a learning experience for her, too. She also provided major, major spoilers about who gets expelled. We've tried to label the spoiler answer prominently, because we're serious: Spoiler ahead. There are so many stories about you: You once kneed a concert promoter in the groin. You somehow got Ozzy under control. Were the contestants easy compared with him?
Sharon Osbourne:
Oh definitely. Definitely, definitely. Yeah. It wasn't really that hard at all. I think really the hardest part, I must say, was keeping my temper. Were they Ozzy fans? They were all Bret Michael fans, of course, and Ozzy's made some better songs than Bret Michaels over the years...
Not some - all of them are. I'd like to think that my husband has recorded classics and, you know, look. Look at the careers. It's not really fair to compare him with Bret Michaels.
No. You obviously got to see them all on Rock of Love before this show. You said in the latest episode that you'd seen Megan before, and you knew she maybe had some manipulative tendencies [Her exact words on Charm School: "I watched you on Rock of Love and my impression of you, young lady, is that you are a conniving, backstabbing little b----. Do you really think that you can get one over on me? No (expletive) way, missus. You are out of your league."]:
Osbourne: Megan. Oh. (Laughs) Yeah. I had watched, sure I'd watched all the shows before. But I like to take people as they are with me. Heather seems happy with how the show came out, and Megan unhappy. Does that give us any indication how the show went?
Osbourne [SPOILER]:
I think that Megan will always be unhappy unless everything's all about her. Did you learn anything you weren't expecting?
I did, actually. There's a reason for everything. These girls have had it pretty tough. The majority of them, most of them have had it pretty, pretty tough in their lives. They haven't had many breaks. Did you relate to them? Your own life was once pretty chaotic. You've gotten to the point now where you're a role model, but you were living a complete rock and roll life. You and Ozzy were both drinking a lot at one point.
Yeah, we were. We were living a complete rock and roll lifestyle. But at least I had some kind of a different upbringing. It wasn't any better but it was very different and I was taught certain things on how to behave in certain ways... and I had it a lot easier than they did growing up, money-wise and education-wise. There must have always been a lot of groupie-type girls hanging out backstage at Ozzy's concerts. Did you see the Charm School girls and get annoyed at them?
Osbourne: You just learn to get used to it. It's like, look, it just speaks for itself and it was something I was trying to tell the girls: If you want to behave like that usual groupie, you'll always just be a groupie backstage. You'll never be anything more. You'll always just be a one-night stand.