Question: Snapple, Shnapple. I've got an ice-cold Dasani strawberry water with your name all over it if you've got some Shark scoop for me. Please?

Answer: You had me at Snapple. Then you lost me at Shnapple. Then you got me back with Dasani strawb, my new fave alternabeverage. So here's the dish: It isn't a done deal yet, but there is likely to be one sealed soon between the show and Sherry Stringfield. Says exec producer Ian Biederman: "We've already talked to her. We thought she was great in that episode [last season]. In fact, we think she was underutilized." So if/when she returns, expect her to stick around for longer. Adds Biederman, "I'd like to get her involved in the personal aspects of the show as well." While Biederman insists that he isn't "saying anything about any potential romantic interest with James Woods," he concedes, "I think they would make a very interesting pair. She's really smart, she's sharp, she's not going to take any guff. She's a grown-up. When I saw that first episode, I said, 'There's definite potential here for a relationship, both professional and personal.'" Sounds like somebody's got a little crush.