As the lead guitarist and singer for the L.A.-based punk-rock band Average Jo, Once and Again's Shane West wasn't exactly a fan of pop starlet Mandy Moore's music when he took a starring role opposite her in the new romantic drama A Walk to Remember (opening today).

"I knew who she was and I knew what she looked like. I think one of her songs is called "Candy" [but I've] never heard it," he admits to TV Guide Online. "It's not the type of music that I listen to, [so] I'm very unfamiliar with it."

However, West does give credit where credit is due, conceding that his leading lady can sing circles around him. "I'm not particularly fond of my voice," the humble 23-year-old sighs. "I am okay with it, but it's nowhere near Mandy's caliber."

Still, Moore pushed to get one of Average Jo's tunes, "So What Does It All Mean?," on the film's soundtrack. "I wrote the song when I was [on the set] and played it for her," he recalls. "She ended up really liking it, which was really cool."

What's not "really cool" is what happened to West's acclaimed ABC drama this season. After being moved to Friday nights, Once and Again's ratings tanked. Now on hiatus, the series returns to its original Monday 10 pm timeslot in March. "I think it should have stayed on [Mondays] and maybe we wouldn't have had this problem," he grouses. "[ABC] is supposed to do some promotion for it when it comes back in March, [but] we'll see... It's kind of a shocker that it all happened this way."