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If viewers didn't stick around for Shameless' hilarious end tags, they missed a plane falling out of the sky on Sunday's episode.

No, this isn't Lost. Agoraphobe Sheila (Joan Cusack) has been making huge strides throughout the season, venturing just a few steps farther out her door every day. When it seems Sheila will make it to the local watering hole — where she might learn the real truth of Frank's boozing, scheming ways — Frank's prayers are answered when a giant piece of an airplane's landing gear falls precariously close to Sheila outside her home, sending her running back inside for comfort.

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Not that Shameless needed to drop a plane to get anyone's attention, but executive producer John Wells says he hopes this will get people to stick around for the show's dirty, pithy end tags.

He says that a problem with network television now is that at the end of the show "you're assaulted immediately by the local newscast or whatever it is. No matter how well you craft the end of the show to have an emotional response, it's interrupted almost immediately by some other piece of information. By putting the tags in we force everybody to stick around to see that there's something else coming up."

In case viewers did miss the tag, Sheila's return to her agoraphobic state will be explained at the beginning of next Sunday's episode. Just don't expect her leave the house again anytime soon. "She goes back into the covers for a while," Wells says. "She is constantly struggling with her own personal demons and trying to figure out how to move forward in her life."

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