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Shameless Stars Get Sappy for Season 9 Premiere Date Announcement

The fan-centric video made us misty-eyed

Megan Vick

The Gallaghers are back for more family madness this fall on Showtime, but they delivered the message in a very unexpected way.

Shameless is no stranger to breaking the fourth wall. Every episode begins with a character talking straight to camera, delivering an expletive-ridden dress down to the audience for missing the preview episode before rolling the "Previously on Shameless" clips. But for a change of pace, the Season 9 premiere announcement comes from actresses Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton delivering a heartfelt message to the fans.

Shameless Has Been Renewed for Season 9

No, seriously. There's soft music and nostalgic clips playing. Showtime put in a clip of Mickey (Noel Fisher) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) kissing right after Rossum says they know what fans want (true, they know us). There's a bunch of baby Carl (Ethan Cutosky) and Debbie (Emma Kenney). Honestly, it almost feels like a goodbye? Please forgive us for putting that kind of notion into the universe.

It all ends with good news though. The Shameless cast loves us and they are very grateful for us tuning in for nine seasons. The next set of episodes kicks off Sunday, September 9 at 9/8c on Showtime. Let's do this.

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