It's finally here, Shadowhunters fans! The trailer for the back half of Season 3 has arrived, and it's loaded with amazing (and terrible) spoilers!

The Final Hunt marks the beginning of the end for this beloved series as we launch into the second half of Season 3, with a bonus 2-hour episode tacked on the end to serve as the series finale. Clary (Katherine McNamara) looks alive and well in the trailer, thank God, but she's got company: her demonic brother, Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines) is back "in the flesh." Unfortunately, wherever she is, there's a "darkness" growing inside her, and in one shot she's even got black eyes. That's... less than encouraging.

The other tiny tidbits we know we're not the only ones freaking out about? Let's list them off.

Not only does Malec look to be getting hot and bothered in the Institute, it also looks like they might be taking a spin? That sure as hell looked like a dance to us! On the other hand, let's all collectively freak out at the shot that appears to show Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) in mortal peril — he's literally mortal now that he's given up his powers, and we can't even begin to imagine the pain Alec (Matthew Daddario) would be in if something were to happen to Magnus.

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Next, let's talk Sizzy. After years of waiting and hoping and wishing that we'd get a romance between Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Izzy (Emeraude Toubia), we might finally get to see these two inch closer together (though that probably means bad things for Simon's current relationship). Whatever, we're getting a kiss! Excuse us as we play that clip over and over and over again until Feb. 25.

Finally... OMG A WEDDING?! That's what it looked like, seeing as a Silent Brother said, "It is my honor to pronounce you one." Considering how many ships are coming together as we head toward the finale, it's hard to predict who will be walking the aisle, but we've got our guesses!

Shadowhunters returns Feb. 25 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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