With all the drama surrounding Shadowhunters' cancellation, it's easy to forget that we were left on a huge cliffhanger in the midseason finale, when Clary (Katherine McNamara) seemingly perished in an explosion just as her brother Jonathan came back to life.

Jonathan will play a big role in the last batch of Shadowhunters episodes, and Deadline reports that the show has officially tapped a new actor to play Clary's evil brother. Luke Baines (The Girl in the Photographs) has been cast to play the main villain of Season 3B, replacing Will Tudor, who previously played the role.

If you remember, Jonathan disguised himself as Sebastien Verlac in Season 2, a well-known Shadowhunter from the London institute, in order to gain Clary's trust. Now that Jonathan will be wearing his true face (pre-horrifying burns obviously), it only makes sense that we get some fresh blood on the cast to play this resident bad boy.

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We don't know much about how Jonathan will factor into the story when Shadowhunters returns, but it's probably safe to assume he's out for blood considering Clary and her friends were the cause of his untimely demise.

Shadowhunters will return in 2019.

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