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Shadowhunters Finally Reveals Sebastian's True Identity

But what are his intentions for his father, Valentine?

Lindsay MacDonald

If you read the original books or paid any attention to the Shadowhunters fandom this year, you probably already guessed that Sebastian Verlac's (Will Tudor) real identity wasn't that of a charming, British shadowhunter. We finally got the suspicion confirmed in tonight's episode though, and it's now official: Sebastian is actually Valentine's son, Jonathon Christopher Morgenstern, in disguise.

And what a disguise it is.

After rescuing (maybe rescuing, maybe not?) Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) from the Institute, Jonathon dropped the illusion on himself to reveal a charred monster of a man hiding beneath Sebastian's good looks. It's not super surprising given that he's got some demon blood in him, but we'll touch back on that later.

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The real Sebastian (poor guy) turned out to be the bound-and-gagged prisoner Jonathan had been keeping locked in his closet. Stealing someone else's life isn't easy, so he's been keeping Sebastian nearby in case he needs a refresher course on the details of his stolen identity. Unfortunately, after a daring escape attempt, Jonathon murdered Sebastian in cold blood only a few feet away from the Institute.

Seriously, this guy just could not catch a break. R.I.P. Sebastian.

Now that Valentine knows his son is alive and well, our next question has got to be what Jonathan plans to do with him. He tried to have Valentine killed inside the Institute... but now he's decided to set his father free? Something here is not adding up.

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For that matter, we're still wondering why he's got a masochistic burn fetish when it looks like he was grilled extra crispy at some point. Is that leftover from the fire he "died" in as a baby? Or is it just part of having demon blood? Or worse, is he constantly just burning his whole body? Dominic Sherwood teased that he's been burning his hands as a way to test and train himself, but training for what?

Here's hoping next week's episode (directed by The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley) answers at least a few of our lingering Sebastian/Jonathan questions.

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.