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Shadowhunters Season 2B Welcomes Back Clary's Love Triangle

Clace or Climon? Close call.

Lindsay MacDonald

Teenage romance is already hard enough, but when you find out that the girl you love is actually your sister, it's a particularly rough day. Shadowhunters' Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) has it doubly rough though, after finding out his one-time crush Clary (Katherine McNamara) is not actually his sister at all -- she's just now in a loving and healthy relationship with her best friend, meaning he might have missed his window.

Someone's got to cut this guy a break.

When Shadowhunters 2B picks up, Jace will have a pretty hard decision to make. Does he tell Clary that they're not actually related and potentially screw up the great thing she has going with Simon (Alberto Rosende)? Or does he quietly bow out of this love triangle before it can hurt anyone else?

According to McNamara, Rosende, and Sherwood, that love triangle isn't going anywhere, despite Jace's initial decision to keep the news to himself.

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"It puts a strain on the relationship in a new way that we've never seen before," McNamara says. "Because now Jace has this opening, and Clary and Jace have this trust that they've built in dealing with the fact that they thought they were siblings."

Number one rule of keeping someone's trust? Don't lie to them about whether or not you're biologically related, no matter how good your intentions are.

Shadowhunters premieres Monday, June 5th at 8/7c on Freeform.