Sex and the City hunk Chris Noth — who plays Sarah Jessica Parker's erstwhile flame, "Mr. Big" — says the appeal of HBO's saucy comedy is simple: "It's about sex and clothes," he tells TV Guide Online. "That's why people love the show."

On Sex, Noth's alter ego personifies the sexually free but emotionally unavailable Gucci-wearing Manhattanite. But he's well aware that viewers aren't tuning in to check out the guys's designer duds. "This show is all about the girls," he concedes, "we're just bait."

In fact, the double standard even extends behind-the-scenes. When informed by TV Guide Online that Sex's leading ladies are allowed to purchase their favorite frocks worn on the show for bargain basement prices, he responds with mock disgust: "See what I mean? They don't care about the guys. I think they're working on some sort of deal for me with Fruit of the Loom."

While "Mr. Big" dresses to impress, Noth takes a more casual approach to his looks while at home or hanging out at the Cutting Room — a music club he co-owns in the Big Apple. "I'm easy. I'm a jeans and T-shirt guy," he confesses. "For awards shows, I just go over to a designer's place and pick out what looks good.

"I think people should wear whatever the hell they want," he adds. "Who cares what people say?"

There is, however, one piece of hip and happenin' clothing on Noth's summer shopping list: a madras bathing suit. Winks the former Law &#038 Order thesp: "I'd like a pair of those baggy trunks in that old-fashioned plaid." Carrie would undoubtedly approve.