When the fifth season of HBO's Sex and the City begins in mid-July, the same old question is sure to arise: Are the gal pals really just gay men trapped in the bodies of straight women? This go-round, however, we've finally come up with a definitive answer — yes. In fact, with a little gender bending, the party girls become almost interchangeable with the playboys of Showtime's Queer as Folk. See for yourself.

Sex and the City: Shoe collector Carrie broke her engagement to Aidan so that she wouldn't have to share her closet.

Queer as Folk: Comic-book collector Michael asked out female co-worker Tracy so that he wouldn't have to come out of the closet.

Sex and the City: Hard-hearted attorney Miranda was rushed to the maternity ward in labor nine months after hooking up with bartender Steve.

Queer as Folk: Hard-up accountant Ted was rushed to the ER in a coma immediately after hooking up with junkie Blake.

Sex and the City: Prim Charlotte lost husband Trey when her pregnancy tests kept coming back negative.

Queer as Folk: Prissy Emmett found religion when he feared that his HIV test would come back positive.

Sex and the City: Promiscuous PR whiz Samantha reluctantly fell in love with filthy-rich hotel magnate Richard.

Queer as Folk: Amoral ad man Brian reluctantly fell in love with dirty-minded teenage babe magnet Justin.