OK, lay it on me. Who's waiting for Sex and the City: The Movie to finally hit theaters so you can see if Carrie marries Big, Charlotte's still crazy, Miranda's still cynical and Samantha's still with Smith? Oh, come on, admit it.

At first I thought, "What? No! They'll ruin the whole idea of the show by making some movie out of it!" But as shooting began recently here in New York City, I warmed up to the idea of continued storylines and Big possibilities. Plus, I love me some Harry!

And on another note, we're sure to revisit Carrie's unique style and fashion choices. This won't be the first time we'll see her adorned with a giant flower and shoes that never seem to match on first glance.

I couldn't help but wonder... who's going to buy a ticket? And who prefers the final image of NYC's fantastic four to be their side-by-side strut we saw in the show's finale?