When Jeff Richards got the call to audition for Saturday Night Live, he was shaken. Literally. The comic had just been in a car accident driving from Los Angeles to San Diego for another standup gig. "I was surprised I didn't crash again," he admits. These days, however, life for the man behind Drunk Girl (an overly intoxicated co-ed) and Baby K (an 18-month-old rapper), is looking far less bumpy. Even our Seven Silly Questions couldn't slow him down.

TV Guide Online: Our offices are literally two blocks apart. Why are we doing this interview over the phone?
Jeff Richards:
That's a question? Oh, 'cause that's how you're asking me out, in a really weird way...

TVGO: You got me. You grew up in California and went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. That's a tough school to get into. You must be pretty smart, eh?
Yeah, that's why I majored in communications. (laughing) I had football players and basketball players in my class, and I knew it was going to be okay. I asked Antawn Jamison for a pencil once, and he gave me a Hello Kitty pencil.

TVGO: When Drunk Girl stops by Weekend Update, the tension between her and Jimmy Fallon is well, palpable. What's the real story there?
I don't know if you know this, but muscle weighs twice as much as fat, and she's very muscular, 250 lbs. So what happened was, Drunk Girl fell asleep on Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy couldn't get up. When she woke up, she thought they had both woken up after having, you know...

TVGO: Sex?
Right. At that point, for her, the connection was as strong as having sex. So she's always felt betrayed, I think.

TVGO: I've noticed that Jimmy Fallon seems to be the go-to guy every time a female host needs to be kissed. What are you the go-to guy for?
I'm the go-to guy if they need someone to just stand there and not kiss the host.

TVGO: Why wasn't Baby K on the show last week when Bernie Mac hosted?
Why, because [Bernie's] a black guy? How dare you!

TVGO: Well every other sketch was Bernie playing an angry black guy.
He's on the line right now, you know.

TVGO: Fine. Try this Baby K question: If he were on an episode of MTV's Cribs, what would we see?
I think Annie Lennox would be there. Something tells me they would hang out. And a lot of apple juice containers and Candy Buttons. Remember those little candies on paper? He shouldn't have those — and that's what makes him bad.

TVGO: You first got into standup doing impressions. Have you gotten any response from someone you've done on the show?
Louie Anderson called me once. He was like, "You should do me more often. I know I'm not on Family Feud anymore, but you could do a thing where I'm like on the street, and I'm trying to get people to play the Feud!"