Remember when tart-tongued quizmistress Anne Robinson was the hottest thing on TV, and everyone was going around cracking, "You are the weakest link — goodbye"? Well, those days are long gone, thankfully. But the fast-paced game show still lives on in syndication, where it airs five times a week with emcee George Gray. And while the onetime host of TLC's Junkyard Wars may not be as sassy as his flame-haired counterpart, he's just as quick with the one-liner — as he proved when we confronted him with seven rather silly questions.

TV Guide Online: What ever happened to Mrs. Robinson?
George Gray:
Actually, we broke up. She calls me now and again, but I had to put out a restraining order. It's all very painful.

TVGO: Do you resent the fact that you can't wear her black dominatrix outfits?
Who says I don't. Oh, you mean on the show.

TVGO: Are you surprised at how quickly the catchphrase "You are the weakest link" fizzled out?
Has it fizzled out?

TVGO: You once had a bit part on Fox's Party of Five. Who was the weakest link on that show?
Anybody who wasn't the hot chick.

TVGO: As a car lover, what do you think of Celine Dion becoming the spokeswoman for Chrysler?
She's going to be the spokesperson for Chrysler?

TVGO: I hear she's even going to write an original song for them.
Really? You know what? Anybody can make a crass comment about that, including me. But the fact is, Celine Dion writing a song for Chrysler will be huge. That is gigantic. People are enamored with her.

TVGO: Monday's Weakest Link will focus on tube trivia in honor of TV Guide's 50th Anniversary. Have you ever read my Entertainment News column on TV Guide Online?
I don't want to say that I curl up to it every night, but of course I have. I'm actually a huge TV Guide fan. It's a national institution.

TVGO: Thanks for the plug! Last question: What's the deal with that banking thing? I just don't get how it works.
Neither does anybody else. What is their friggin' problem? How do you think it works and then I'll tell you if you're right.

TVGO: I think it has something to do with, um, er...
It's a chain. You build a chain and every time you get a right answer, you add another link to that chain. Now, when either you get something wrong or you bank, you start...

TVGO: Maybe you should do away with it altogether.
No, that's part of the joy. We're not Jeopardy. [Weakest Link] is about being conniving and backstabbing and figuring out the proper way to make cash.

TVGO: Well, George thanks for being a good sport with our silly questions.
That's it? I was waiting for ones out of left field, like, 'When's the first time you kissed a man?' or some God-awful question like that!