Seth Meyers, Time Magazine Seth Meyers, Time Magazine

When Seth Meyers takes over Late Night from Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 24, don't expect the same song and dance — literally.

Fallon's most popular Late Night sketches include the recurring "History of Rap," "History of Dance" and unconventional music covers segments, but Meyers wants to do something new. "I like that everyone before me has established this as a place to try things out," he told Time (as reported by Us Weekly). "It's 12:35 at night. You can do crazy stuff."

Returning TV: Where we left off

As of now, Meyers is thinking of scrapping even having a DJ or band and focusing his version of the show more on politics, sports and current events. "The defining thing with him is his intelligence and curiosity," Saturday Night Live and Late Night executive producer Lorne Michaels said of Meyers.

The Weekend Update alum will also pay homage to his SNL roots by featuring a lot of sketches with Late Night employees as recurring characters.

Are you excited for Late Night with Seth Meyers?