If you thought Seth Meyers was hard on Donald Trump before, the Late Night host joked that "it is on," now that POTUS stooped to a new low: stealing Chevy Chase's iconic "Weekend Update" introduction from Saturday Night Live.

"I didn't mind when you talked dirty with Billy Bush, or told Russia to hack Hillary's emails," Meyers said. "But when you start stealing bits from 'Weekend Update' anchors — it is on!"

Meyers, a longtime "Weekend Update" anchor himself, was referencing Trump's recent interview with Time, in which the Commander-in-Chief said: "Hey look, in the meantime, I guess, I can't be doing so badly, because I'm president, and you're not."

In addition to it being an extremely Miss Trunchbull thing to say, Trump's statement does share similarities with Chase's catchphrase, "I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not."

"Also, I happen to know this isn't the first time you've done this," Meyers added, before playing a clip of "Weekend Update" anchor Norm MacDonald using the term "fake news."

"You know, I hate to say this," Meyers continued, "but Donald, you ignorant slut."