Seth McFarlane Seth McFarlane

Homer Simpson may have some competition.

Family Guy creator and Oscars host Seth MacFarlane will guest-star on the next fall's Season 25 premiere of The Simpsons as a potential suitor for Marge, Entertainment Weekly reports.

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The episode is titled "Dangers on a Train" and hinges on Marge mistaking a website that arranges affairs for married people as a cupcake website. While on the site, she meets the smooth-talking Ben (MacFarlane) and the two forge a relationship over the phone, bonding over their shared appreciation for a period show called Upton Rectory (ha, ha).

Lisa Lampanelli is also guest-starring in the episode as the voice of Ben's wife.

What do you think — will Ben be able to woo Marge away? And will you tune in for the episode?