Just like Bruce Banner is always angry, Dr. Brownie, aka Cookie Monster, is "always hungry."

In their latest spoof, Sesame Street takes on The Avengers, as Dr. Brownie,teams up with the crime-fighting, vegetable-loving "Aveggies."

"Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon" features Dr. Brownie working alongside Onion Man, Captain Americauliflower, Mighty Corn, Black Bean Widow and Zucchin-Eye, to take down villain Bon Bon's cookie ship in order to save the world.

Who will win the "Game of Chairs" in Sesame Street's Game of Thronesparody?

As the team tries to get Brownie to focus and combat the villain's quest to destroy healthy vegetables, the spoof takes some smart punches to the super-franchise's ego.

"My shield! That's what makes me special," the Captain America muppet laments after Brownie takes a bite out of it.

Brownie also pokes fun at Hawkeye, questioning his felt counterpart, "What you ever do?"

Take a look at Crumby Pictures' latest production: