Karen Gillan, John Cho Karen Gillan, John Cho

Doctor Who fans will be shocked to see beloved alum Karen Gillan on ABC's new comedy Selfie not only because of the Brit's impressive American accent, but also because of the genre switch.

"I started off in comedy actually, so it's kind of like a return to that for me," Gillan tells TVGuide.com in the video below. "I like doing an American accent."

On the new series, premiering Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC, the actress gets to flex those comedy muscles as Eliza Dooley, a young Los Angeles-area woman who has tons of social media followers but "doesn't really know how to connect with people in real life," she says.

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Eliza soon asks her coworker Henry (John Cho), a marketing guru, to "make Eliza a more acceptable human being," Cho says.

Like in My Fair Lady, the beloved source material Selfie is based on, the two will in some way or another help each other. "They're both pretty awkward with people in real life," Gillan says. "I think she's going to help Henry be better at socializing and taking risks and being more impulsive."

Check out our hilarious interview with Gillan and Cho to get more scoop on the new comedy and, most importantly, hear Cho's real voice for the first time!

Selfie premieres Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.