Howard West and George Shapiro Howard West and George Shapiro

Howard West, known for his work as a producer on Seinfeld, has died at age 84, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Born in New York City, West, along with his friend and business partner George Shapiro, were instrumental in helping Seinfeld become a revered show that won multiple awards.

Other highlights of his 60-year career in show business include producing Andy Kaufman Plays Carnegie Hall, the 1980 TV special from the late comedian, as well as Man on the Moon, the movie about Kaufman starring Jim Carrey.

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After graduating from Long Island University and serving in the Army, West worked in the William Morris Agency mailroom before becoming a talent rep. He went on to represent a number of clients, including Neil Diamond and Greg Garrison, who produced and directed The Dean Martin Show.

West is survived by his wife of 54 years, Marlene, and two children, Dayna and Todd.