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The grim reaper will be paying a visit to Chance Harbor on The Secret Circle.

Now that John Blackwell (Joe Lando) has returned to town, the circle is in even more danger. And by the end of Thursday's episode, there will be with yet another death. (RIP, Nick) This week's outing also marks the reunion of Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and Blackwell, who seem awfully friendly in the promos. Could Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) by the mysterious other Balcoin child? turned to executive producer Andrew Miller to get the scoop:

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What happens now that the Balcoin medallion has been destroyed? John Blackwell says he's going to be sticking around to "protect" Cassie (Britt Robertson), but it seems like he was only after the medallion and now has to use different means for his endgame.
Andrew Miller:
Yes. It's the medallion itself that obviously spoke to him and brought him out. No one knows better than Blackwell how powerful the medallion is, not only to stop people, but as a tool for his own safety. If that was the ultimate weapon for safety, the idea that it's lost is troublesome to him in terms of the safety of his daughter. [Blackwell's] presence alone heats things up for his daughter. While he claims ... that he's a changed guy who does not have magic, and while he's admitting to all these things that he did and trying to come clean, there's no denying that who he was is still a pain in the ass for people. People will come after him and people will come after Cassie. So, it kind of remains to be seen how much his protection is going to help Cassie or hurt Cassie.

Will we learn more about Blackwell's history? And will it be similar to the L.J. Smith novels?
Well, it's different from the books. I mean it's different and similar. We've taken the richness of the characters and twisted them a little bit. Even his relationship with the adults in the show is vastly different from the way it was in the books. The number of people he has related to him in the circle is different from the book. Those two story points alone take him on a different path, but there are similarities to the book that are insanely fun and cool coming up.

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With Blackwell back, will we finally find out who the other Balcoin child is?
Yes. And soon. The fun of that information isn't just an unmasking, but also a realization of how complicated the past really is and how it's really starting to push the present into the future. By future I mean the season finale. So, his presence is going to kick up a lot of stuff. We'll learn much more about the 16 years. We'll learn much more about why it's so important to stop now.

What can you tease about Dawn and John Blackwell's reunion?
They have fantastic chemistry. His return is completely messing with the expectations of our characters. For Cassie, she has come to expect this devil of a man in her life and he doesn't seem anything like that. For the adults, they've had 16 years to stew about who this guy is and create this boogieman character in their heads. Dawn's version of that is vastly different than Charles' (Gale Harold) version and Ethan's version. Who Ethan (Adam Harrington) is expecting and what Ethan wants to do about it to protect his relationship with Adam (Thomas Dekker) is what we're going to feature in Thursday's episode. We get a glimpse of what Dawn's expecting. I think for Dawn, it's like this pause button that happened when she was 16 or 17 years old. Now she's finally getting to take her finger off the pause button because he's back. She's been dreaming of this meeting for a long time.

What will Jake (Chris Zylka) and John Blackwell's working relationship be like in trying to protect Cassie?
In his efforts to win Cassie over and ... win over the trust of the circle, Jake plays an important role because he is in desperate need of father figure, almost as much as Cassie is. He saw his dad get brutally murdered. He fell in with the witch hunters because of Isaac (JR Bourne), since he represented a father figure to Jake. Now here's this fatherly guy with a beard and a fancy coat who's bringing Jake in and trusting him in a way that Jake doesn't get a lot. I think Jake starts off very Team Blackwell. It'll be an important part to Blackwell's desire to win over Cassie.

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What can we look forward to as The Secret Circle heads towards its first season finale?
We're going to see magic, death, and sex, and not necessarily in that order. Thursday night we're going to see death. The people of Chance Harbor have lived death-free for too long. [The victim is] someone we know and, I think, like a lot. With that intensity will come new relationships and more intense relationships on a romantic level. That's the sex part. Then [for] magic, what Blackwell brings to the table is confusing. It's both helpful and hurtful. There are people out to get him and there are people he's out to get. Our circle will be roped into the middle of that as they try to figure out if he's someone they can trust to lead them or if it's someone that they need to band together and fight against.

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.