Britt Robertson and Chris Zylka Britt Robertson and Chris Zylka

It seems like only yesterday Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) was forced to move to Chance Harbor. Now, The Secret Circle is preparing to go on hiatus until January — but not without a sendoff that will leave audiences clamoring for the freshman CW series to return more quickly.

The Secret Circle's Britt Robertson dishes on the mystery of John Blackwell

Let's recap where the circle has been since Cassie arrived: With the new addition, the secret coven decided to bind their circle to prevent their powers from spiraling out of control (See: Faye's run-in with Sally), but that put them in even more danger. The group was hunted down by Amelia's vengeful friend, and possessed by once-trapped demons (RIP Nick). Most-recently, the witch hunters, who Jake (Chris Zylka) has secretly been working for, have been attempting to kill them, too. The dark magic within Cassie afforded the group an escape from certain death, but has now made her a target of the witch hunters.

Now that you're all caught up, here are seven quick spoilers from the midseason finale:

1. Jake becomes conflicted between his feelings for Cassie and his duty to the witch hunters.

2. Sorry, Adam (Thomas Dekker): Diana (Shelley Hennig) has her eye on someone else.

3. Charles' (Gale Harold) spell backfires.

4. Cassie gets closer to discovering who her father really is.

5. Two unlikely coven members team up.

6. The episode's title, "Balcoin," is actually a surname.

7. Amelia Blake wasn't the only one who had a fascination with John Blackwell. 

The Secret Circle airs Thursday at 9/8c on The CW. Check back after the episode for more scoop on what's to come.