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The Secret Circle's Cassie is taking a walk on the evil side.

As Cassie (Britt Robertson) begins to discover more about who the mysterious "J.B." is, she and the coven go to the lake house in search of Cassie's grandmother. was on set for the circle's trip to the house, which includes a rousing game of truth or dare — including a certain smooch you may have already spied in the promos. Their journey is not all fun and games, though, as Robertson says this episode will take a dark turn. (And we all know what happened last time The Secret Circle took a dark turn. RIP, Nick!)

Get the scoop on the lake house trip, who John Blackwell really is and why Cassie is "blinded" when it comes to Jake (Chris Zylka).

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As we saw in last week's episode, Cassie has dark magic in her. What will we see as she struggles with that?
Britt Robertson:
This dark magic thing is going to stick around for a little while, and the audience is going to get to see her deal with it more and more. Especially with this next episode, you'll get to see how strong it is and how powerful it really is. She has this dark magic that she doesn't even know where it came from, but the audience will get to learn more about it and where it actually did come from.  It'll be fun to watch.

The show has offered up little hints on where the dark magic came from in the form of the name John Blackwell. What can you tell us of her search for who John Blackwell is and her connection to him?
A lot of people know if they've read the books, John Blackwell, "J.B," is her father. [Editor's Note: The character in the novels was named Black John.] The only information that she has about him at this point is that he's dead. She'll try to go to her grandmother to figure it out, which is an epic part of the next episode. Her grandmother went to the lake house and now Cassie has all this new information. The witch hunters came after them, so her gut instinct is to try to find her grandmother to see what she knows about this. So they go to the lake house and then, of course, creepy, scary things happen there. It's an ongoing search for her identity. Cassie will always be trying to figure out where she came from, who she is, who her mother was, who her father is and where this dark magic is coming from.

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If she's getting her dark magic from John Blackwell, could he be behind all the bad things happening in Chance Harbor?
It's possible. I don't even know the answer to that question, but it's definitely possible. I think all signs are pointing to him not being the greatest guy that ever walked. Between Amelia being the good side of her, John Blackwell is probably the dark side of her. 

What can you tell us about this week's trip to the lake house?
They go to the lake house to try to find Cassie's grandmother because she hasn't returned from the lake house yet and Cassie's worried. There's a huge storm that wiped everything out, there's no one there and they end up deciding to stay the night. There's some tension between Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Cassie, and there's the tension between Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Diana (Shelley Hennig). There's tension between Jake, Faye and Cassie, it gets a little tense. [Laughs] Funnily enough, the truth or dare is the lightest part of the episode. It gets really dark and creepy and it's one of those episodes that takes a turn for the scary. You'll get to see a lot more of Faye's character in this episode. It's sort of her showcase episode. You get see her in a different dynamic and in a different light. 

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How does Faye feel about Cassie having these dark powers?
That's another thing that we're definitely touching on. Faye has always been the fire starter, if you will. She's the one wanting to do the magic. She's the one wanting to get herself into sticky situations. Now that Cassie's come into town and she's trying to take Adam, according to Faye, and now Cassie's trying to take Jake from her, and Cassie's got these individual powers in the circle. It's a bit of a threat and Faye doesn't really know how to deal with it.

Jake is also on the lake house trip. Is the coven ever going to discover what he's really up to with the witch hunters? Obviously Cassie can't trust him, so is she just blinded by some sort of attraction to him?
There's the attraction factor, but mostly it's just that he seems to be well-informed.  He seems to know about this dark magic and he's the one willing to tell her or help her with it.  She needs him right now as a friend, but more than that, he's someone who can help her through this new journey that she's on. Through that, she obviously becomes attracted to him because he's a good-looking guy, he's great with her, they have a good time together, yada, yada, yada. She's blinded. But the coven doesn't stay naive for long. They'll find what he's up to sooner than later.

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Cassie inadvertently broke Adam and Diana up. What will we see for that love triangle?
It's an ongoing love triangle. It's a story line that will be dragged out until the end of time. The relationship between Diana and Cassie is something that Cassie values more than anything, more than this crazy feeling towards Adam. Until the Adam-Diana thing completely fades away, or until it become something that is not a threat to Cassie's and Diana's relationship or friendship, I don't think you'll see much of Cassie and Adam. Though, there will be a few things here and there that will hint otherwise. 

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