Tila Tequila courtesy MTV Tila Tequila courtesy MTV

MTV has greenlit a second 10-episode season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, to unspool in the spring and once again find the bisexual MySpace sexpot - who went stag this New Year's Eve and reportedly has not spoken to Season 1 "winner" Bobby since taping the reunion show - wooing and choosing from a new bevy of straight men and lesbians. Shot at Love's first season finale drew more than six million total viewers, making it MTV's most-watched series since November 2002.

As previously reported, MTV is also moving ahead with That's Amore, a Shot at Love spin-off revolving around the super-annoying Domenico.

What's your take? Should dating-show stars (such as Tila, Foofy-foofy, Bret Michaels) be afforded multiple chances to get busy on our dime? Since when did prime time become a Sig Ep kegger?