No Way Out starlet Sean Young has found the exit door in her marriage to long-time husband Bobby Lujan. The actor — who is also the father of her two sons, Rio, seven, and Quinn, four — initiated divorce proceedings five months ago. "He filed for divorce because he wanted to find himself, and I went, 'Okay,' and then in the process, I found myself," Young confides to TV Guide Online. "Then, he turned around and said, 'Okay, okay, I found myself!' And I went, 'Well, I have too.'"

Given the acrimony that has attended Young's previous breakups, one might worry a bit for Lujan's sake. (When she split with The Boost co-star James Woods in the late '80s, tabloids tattled of her ex-beau finding hate mail and disfigured dolls at his doorstep.) "But it's a very peaceful divorce," Young insists. "You couldn't divorce a better guy."

Young is now seriously involved with former San Francisco 49er Greg Jolson, who's also taken up acting. The couple met at last year's star-studded horseracing event, the Kentucky Derby Mint Jubilee. Come summertime, they traveled to India to co-star in a soon-to-be-released thriller. "We play husband and wife in this movie," she says. "[It's] called In the Shadow of the Cobra."

So, can we look for Lujan in the role of the snake? "No," Young grins. "You're terrible."