Sean Bean Sean Bean

Sean Bean, whose character had an encounter with a blade on this week's Game of Thrones, was stabbed in a fight over the woman he was with, according to the Daily Mail.

Bean, 52, was attacked after a passer-by made lewd comments about 22-year-old model April Summers outside a London bar. After suffering from bruised face and a cut arm, the actor went back inside, used the first aid kit, and ordered a drink.

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Bean, who lives near the bar, was unavailable for comment, and police had no comment, the Daily Mail reported. Summers, who also lives nearby, said she was uninjured and told the Mail at her home last night: "I'm fine, it is a private matter. I don't want to make any comment."

On the night of the bar brawl, Bean's Ned Stark on the HBO drama was (spoiler alert!) beheaded.