American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is setting the record straight about his so-called feud with self-proclaimed D-list comedian Kathy Griffin. The rivalry was allegedly sparked at last month's American Music Awards, when Seacrest — in an unscripted bit — opened Griffin's blouse while the duo presented the Fans' Choice Award. Not missing a beat, Griffin retaliated by implying Seacrest was gay.

Although Griffin kept her composure while at the dais, the Celebrity Mole contestant apparently lost her cool later on backstage. "Ryan Seacrest physically assaulted me," she told AP Radio. "Follow me to the precinct, he's going down! Look, maybe I did walk up the freaking stairs like Shania. But Ryan Seacrest took my top off! That would never happen to Shania."

Seacrest's response? "It was an unscripted presentation of an award, and quite frankly, we had a good time up there," he tells TV Guide Online. "And when I walked backstage, Kathy said, 'Thanks. I thought that was great.' And that was it. There's no feud between the two of us."

Um, then what does the Idol guru think of the former Suddenly Susan star's dramatic about-face in the press? "Whatever she may have said afterwards, she must have slept on it and decided to change her mind whole-heartedly about it," he says, adding that he wasn't offended by Griffin's gay retort. "It didn't bother me at all, but it was so not original. I've heard that [same joke] for the last six years." Calls to Griffin's reps were not returned.