ScrubsNot to sound unpatriotic or anything, but I am soooo glad the Olympics are finally over I've been in desperate need of a little lovin' from the good docs and nurses (and janitor) of Sacred Heart. This week's double dose of new episodes had its fair share of the wacky: Elliott's rollerblade shenanigans, J.D.'s emerald stud (eww!), a clever crow named Sanchez and yet it's the sweeter, simpler moments that earn my out-loud chortles: Turk and Carla's backhand slap, Janitor's admission that he trims a sleeping J.D.'s bangs just to mess with him and Dr. Cox's callback to last month's "Dr. Acula" bit. But perhaps my very favorite throwaway line of the night comes from the always hilarious Christa Miller Lawrence

, who, in an adorable "was-that-a-bust?" giggle take, threatens to call Janitor's mom for not playing nice with Perry. "My fwiend is mean to me!" Silly, I know, but it's just so damn charming, I can't help myself. And, of course, I'm thrilled to see Michael Learned's still onboard as everybody's favorite patient, Mrs. Wilk. It's always comforting to see John Boy's mom, no matter what the circumstances. Or, so I thought, 'cause then those sneaky writers go and drop the hammer on me wake poor old Mrs. Wilk up from her medically induced coma just in time to let Cabbage the Deadly Intern swoop in and infect her with the creepy green bacteria glow. It was grotesquely funny on the Todd's mouth and man-parts, but as a chilling "To be continued..."? Not so much.