Question: Do you know how Scrubs plans to bring Nurse Roberts back from the dead this season?

Answer: Well, contrary to what you may've heard, Aloma Wright won't be returning as Laverne's sister. In fact, the new character she's playing won't have any ties to Sacred Heart's dearly departed nurse. "She's coming back as a completely different character [that's] not related to Laverne in any way," reveals Scrubs boss Bill Lawrence. "And no one but J.D. sees the similarities. And he's incredulous that no one sees it." Bill adds that he hopes fans will give him "a pass" on this shark-jumpy development. "It's just that Aloma's such a nice woman. When I thought last year was the last year, we killed her. And then it looked like it suddenly might not be the last year and I didn't want to rewrite all of those scripts. So I told her, 'Look, if we come back, I'll put you back on the show.' I don't want to take away anybody's livelihood. It's too competitive a time out there. It's not 100 percent a creative decision as much as there's only one season left and I can't take her house payments away. She is a sweet lady."