There's only a little over a month to go before MTV's Scream series returns for a second season of serial-killing. A new teaser arrived on Friday to remind the audience anyone has the potential to snap and go on a stabbing rampage.

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) could have found some sense in her half-sister's logic in the aftermath of last season and decided to pick up the killer torch. Noah (John Karna) knows far too much about serial killers not to be curious about trying it himself. Brooke (Carlson Young) doesn't want to be the helpless victim anymore. Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) still has that Billy Loomis vibe from the first film and Jake (Tom Maden) is just a straight-up creep.

MTV's Scream announces new potential murder victims

However, since Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) is the only one we know who was communicating with last season's killer before the murders began, she still holds honor of No. 1 suspect until new evidence surfaces.

The murders begin again when Scream returns Monday, May 30 at 9/8c on MTV.