As if things weren't already complicated enough when they split, Agent Tony DiNozzo and his ex, Jeanne Benoit, will meet face-to-face once again on NCIS.

TVLine reports that Scottie Thompson will be returning to NCIS in November, for what could be multiple episodes. She first appeared in Season 4 as Jeanne, a doctor and not-so-coincidentally, the daughter of an arms dealer.

We last saw Jeanne when she figured out that Tony was an NCIS agent set to take down her father, Rene Benoit, aka. La Grenouille. She left Tony a letter asking him to choose between her and the job, and later tried to pin her father's murder on him.

But hey, no hard feelings, right?

What to expect during NCIS Season 13

Since departing NCIS, Thompson has appeared on Zoo, Grey's Anatomy, Castle and Graceland among others. Are you excited for her return to NCIS?

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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