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A Rock Superstar is Coming to Season 2 of Scorpion

What we learned from their Comic-Con panel

Jessica Roy

On Thursday, the stars and executive producer of the CBS show Scorpioncame together at Comic-Con to discuss what's ahead in Season 2.

The freshman season of the show ended with a literal cliff-hanger: Scorpion team leader Walter crashed through a guardrail on Mulholland Drive, and the team had to work together to save him (along with some help from the fire department). Naturally, since the show had already been renewed for Season 2, Walter survived, and Paige scrapped her plans to run off to Maine with Ralph. Happy forgave Toby for accidentally standing her up, and despite Cabe getting assigned a TSA desk job, he shows up at the crash scene to help out. He and Walter even made up from their tiff about Baghdad.

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So: On to the next season! The Comic-Con panel featured Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, and executive producer Nicholas Wootton. Ben Blacker, the creator of the Nerdist Writers Panel, served as moderator.

Wootton kicked off the panel with two big announcements:

  • In the premiere, rock star Gene Simmons will have a cameo. He's at the Con signing autographs, and Wootton encouraged attendees to go up to him and say how excited they are to see him on Scorpion.
  • On Oct. 26, after the Supergirl premiere, Scorpion will have a 90-minute mega-episode. "It's going to be an incredible, big big episode for us," Wootton said.

He also teased that McPhee -- a former American Idol runner-up -- might sing again this season.

In the Q&A portion, the cast spoke about how they're like their characters, and which school subjects were the toughest for them. McPhee and Wong said math was a challenge, and Thomas admitted "school was difficult all around" for him. Thomas said that like his character, Toby, he's excited to be there working with everyone. But he did try to push back against one aspect of his character. "He didn't want to wear the hat because he wanted everyone to know he has hair," McPhee said. "The ladies need to know I have hair!" he replied.

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When asked about doing stunts on the show, the cast said they trust the crew on that. But there is one thing they're all afraid of: Being in a car driven by Robert Patrick. "He says he's a trained stunt driver," Wong said. "He's reckless." "I was terrified of Robert Patrick when I first met him," Thomas admitted. "I still am."

Scorpion returns September 21 on CBS.

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